8oz Fireside Chili Flavored Delaware Gold Cheese

8 ounce block of our signature Farmstead Cheese flavored with a warm but mild 8-pepper seasoning we call Fireside Chili! Made by UDairy Creamery students and staff in the Genuardi Food Innovation Lab.
Delivery date: 3-5 days

Fireside Chili Flavored Delaware Gold - Colby Style Farmstead Cheese

Farmstead cheeses are made with milk from dairy animals housed on the same property as the creamery. We use the milk from our cows at the University of Delaware Dairy Farm.

Delaware Gold is a young cheese, aged only 2-3 months. Its high moisture creates a mild cheese flavor with buttery tangy notes. The 8 pepper blend is toasty and warm with earthy flavors that are not too spicy. It makes us want to enjoy it nect to a campfire or fireplace with a big bowl of chili and cheese!

This cheese is great for snacking or on your favorite cheese board. A overall crowd pleaser!  This cheese is versatile as it melts very well. It can be used in sauces, nachos, skillet dishes, mac and cheese, and of course, on top of your favoirte bowl of Chili!

Includes:8oz block of Frieside Chili Flavored Delaware Gold Cheese!


(Blocks are approximately 8oz and may vary slightly in size, within .5 oz)

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