Cheddar Cheese Curd Gift Box

3- 8oz bags of Fresh Cheddar Cheese Curds. One 8oz bag each of Plain Cheddar, Ranch Curds and Delaware Coastal Curds. All the Cheese Curds are student made at the UDairy Creamery Genuardi Food Innovation Lab!
Delivery date: 1-2 days

Fresh curds of cheddar cheese (Unaged cheddar). Here at Delaware, we are making cheddar cheese curds. Think of them as the middle of the cheddar making process. These are the curds that would be put into molds to form a cheddar block and then aged for 2-12 months.

Cheese Curds have a springy texture and squeak on the teeth when you chew them. If you don’t get much squeak when they are cold, eating them at room temperature will bring the squeak back!

Cheese curds are great for snacking on but can also be used in fun dishes to eat with friends. They are known for being battered and deep fried and also used in a Canadian dish called Poutine. In poutine, the curds are placed on top of French fries and then covered in warm gravy.

Sampler includes one each: 8oz PLain, 8oz Delaware Coastal Curds, 8oz Ranch Curds packed in blue box with yellow crinkle paper.